‘The Simpsons’ stars Matt LeBlanc and Lisa as villains in ‘Terraria Mechanical Bosses’ video

The Simpsons’ Matt Leblanc and Scott Adsit are in the new video game Terraria Mechanical boss battle, where you battle mechanical bosses to collect more valuable items and upgrades.

In the new episode, which aired on Sunday night, LeBlance plays a mechanical boss named Terraria who has a new mechanic called the Mechs’ Chest.

LeBlanc plays the boss as a machine named Terrance, who has the ability to build a Mechs Chest by using the Mechbots’ Mechs, but you can only build one Mechs at a time.

If you collect enough Mechs in a single run, you’ll be able to upgrade the Mech’s chest with a different item.

LeBlanche explains: “It’s a lot of stuff, and you can’t just grab one item and just throw it at the enemy and hope they don’t know what to do with it.”

The episode, titled “Terraria Mechanicals,” is the latest in a series of videos that have been making the rounds on the internet.

It features the same voice actors, but the game’s sound is much more modern.

“It’s not the same old, same old,” LeBlancer said.

“It sounds a lot more like what it sounds like, and it’s not exactly the same kind of old-school game.

I think we have a chance to make a really cool game, because we’re not afraid to do something new and exciting with the game.”

The new episode of Terraria Metal Bosses follows in the footsteps of a number of other videos that feature the game.

In April, a trailer for Terraria’s new game, The Terrariums, was released.

A few weeks later, an episode of The Terrarias was released, and a number more episodes have followed.

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