‘The world’s first carbon capture plant’: German research team makes world’s largest and most efficient carbon capture device

Germany’s top research agency has developed a machine that makes carbon dioxide gas at the lowest possible rate in a sealed container.

The device is called a decaroxylation apparatus and can capture CO2 gas as it is being produced by a gas plant or a factory.

The new technology has been developed at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), a research institute under the ministry of industry and research, in cooperation with German research partner RWE.

The team has already demonstrated the device in a prototype form and has made significant progress in improving its efficiency.

The researchers said they expect it to help make the devices a common and cheap alternative to traditional gas extraction methods.

The work was carried out at the TUM’s research and development laboratory in the industrial complex of the city of Linz.

The design of the device consists of two parts, a small box which holds the container, and a small tube, which carries the CO2 in and out of the box.

In the first part of the system, the CO 2 gas is heated and the tube is moved.

In the second part, the gas is taken up by the gas turbine in a vacuum.

The gases flow from the tube to the box and then back to the vacuum.

A single unit of the machine can produce about 20,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, according to the researchers.

The total CO2 output can be reduced to about 1,000 litres per year if the system is used as a “maintenance” unit.

The total cost of the gas capture system is about 3,500 euros ($3,500).

The system could be a useful tool for carbon sequestration.

The CO2 from the gas will be captured by a plant and sent to the industrial sector.

If the plant has a well or is using carbon capture technology, the resulting CO2 is released into the atmosphere and can be captured as CO2.

The company has developed several other products that use CO2 to reduce CO2 emissions.

The German company is also working on a CO2 sequestration system that will also be able to capture CO 2 from the atmosphere.

The research is funded by the German government.

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