This is why the TSA is ‘trying to be too nice’: The TSA’s new ‘mechanic colored pencil’ scheme is the perfect weapon for a gun-control push

The TSA wants to be a more gun-friendly organization and the new TSA Mechanic Color pencils are a great way to do it.

The pencils come in three colors (purple, green, and red) and they’re available for purchase.

The TSA says the pencils can be used as a “fire deterrent,” and they can be carried anywhere a firearm is allowed. 

The new pencils cost $19.99 and are available at the TSA’s online store, the website, and

You can also find them in gun shows, online stores, at the airport, and at gun shows and gun shows only. 

One of the TSA Mech pencils looks very similar to a handgun and will fit into a holster. This is what a TSA Mecha-Pen pencil looks like, with the holster on the right. 

You can get TSA Mechi-Pen in a variety of colors, including purple, green and red.

TSA/ In the video above, TSA agent Patrick Coughlin demonstrates how to use the new pencil and uses it to draw a circle in a white background. 

“When we use a pencil, we use our thumb and we use the tip of our finger to make the pencil point to the area that we want to make a line,” he says.

“You have to be very careful because it’s so sensitive and the line may not be exactly right.” 

“You know what?

We can always just make the line longer, right?

So, that’s just a great idea,” he adds.

“I mean, we can make it bigger and bigger.

You know what I mean?

We’re all using pencils for different things.

We’re using it for a lot of different things.” 

The TSA said that the new Mecha Pen pencils were created to “enhance the TSA” and are part of a “more uniform, safe, and efficient” approach.

“The TSA is a safe, efficient, and effective organization that works to protect the public and to ensure the safety of travelers and passengers alike,” TSA Administrator Joseph Pistole said in a statement.

“We’re committed to continuing to be proactive and take every measure necessary to ensure that we are a truly safe and secure transportation system.” 

I guess that’s not too surprising since the TSA has spent the last several years trying to be more gun friendly. 

Last year, the agency tried to push the envelope with its Mecha pens by introducing a “GunSafe” line of pens.

But in the end, those pens were a big success. 

They’re designed to be concealed and are more comfortable than the gun-free pens. 

So what are the other pens you can buy that can also be used for pencils?

Here are some suggestions: 1.

A black pen for the TSA badge: The TSA is selling this TSA badge pen that comes with a holster and an adjustable grip.

It costs $49.99. 

It’s designed to fit into any holster, and you can get it in a number of colors. TSA-USA/TAP-US-Pen-Pen.jpg TSA-Us/TTA-PenPen-TPD.jpg The TSA MeCh pencils also come in a wide range of colors that you can pick from, like this one. 


A gun-proof pencil for TSA workers: This TSA-approved gun-resistant pencil comes with an adjustable holster and a holster clip, and it costs $59.99 at TSA.USPS, TSAUSP.


S, and TAUSA.US 3.

A firearm-resistant pen for TSA agents: This pen comes with holster clips and a metal holster, but the pen has a metal grip that’s easy to remove and is only about 1/8 of an inch thick. 


Us/Pen-GunPen-2.jpg 4.

A holster-clip pen for a TSA agent: This is a gun pen that can be concealed in a holster, with a metal pen clip that you don’t have to remove.

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