How a mechanical glove turned a life of pain into a miracle

By MICHAEL R. STAPLETON, AP Sports WriterThe mechanical glove is a simple device.

It is attached to the arm of a patient and works by pulling a small object, such as a finger or a piece of plastic, into a hole that opens a tiny hole in the glove.

Once the patient has been able to pull the object into the hole, the mechanical glove will insert the object back into the glove’s opening, opening the second glove.

The device is a relatively inexpensive alternative to more complex surgical tools, and it has been popular with patients for more than a decade.

But with a new generation of surgical tools that are easier to use and more user-friendly, such gloves are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S.

A group of surgeons at University of Pennsylvania Medical Center has developed a new glove called the mechanical, which works by pushing a small device into a small opening in the gloves’ lining.

The new glove is being tested by about 100 surgeons a week at a small number of hospitals.

It was developed by the Center for the Study of the Mechanisms of Injury at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the University College London.

“The goal is to get people to use this as a tool, not just to use it to save their life,” said Dr. Jonathan Eberhart, a senior author on the study.

“It’s not like you’re going to be using it in a hospital, where you’re probably going to have a patient in there who’s really struggling to get into the operating room.”

“It’s very simple to use, and there’s really no need to do any special training to get it to work,” Eberart said.

“You just need to know what you’re doing, and how to do it.”

In a video produced by the researchers, the robotic glove is shown lifting a piece from a patient’s hand to a hole in his or her operating table, which is then inserted into the robotic device.

When the glove opens, the patient is pulled to safety into the open hole, where the glove will open up again, allowing the patient to continue to use his or herself.

After the patient leaves the operating table and walks away, the device closes the hole and the patient’s arm is returned to normal.

Eberhart said the glove is an extremely simple device, weighing about one-half ounce.

The researchers found that when the glove opened up to a small hole, it did so quickly, as quickly as the patient was able to push the small object into it.

When it opened up more quickly, it took about 30 seconds.

“When you push something into a tiny opening, you’re opening up a new opening, and the glove was very quick and effective at closing that opening quickly,” Eberson said.

The researchers did not test the glove in a patient who was not suffering from the disease.

Eberhardt said the new device is unlikely to be a lifesaving device for many people.

“We’re not saying it’s not going to save your life, but it’s going to help,” Eoberhart said.

“It really is a much simpler and more simple tool to use.”

The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Carnegie Foundation.

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