The ‘quantum heart valve’ may help protect against stroke

Updated May 12, 2018 11:30:30 A new study by researchers at the University of Queensland suggests the heart valve may be able to detect and react to the symptoms of a stroke.

Key points:A new study suggests that the heart valves can be manipulated to help prevent strokesResearchers say this could potentially reduce the risk of developing strokes in patients who suffer from the conditionQuantum mechanics, or quantum mechanics is a branch of physics that deals with the properties of the universe.

It describes how our physical world operates.

For example, how a light bulb works or the motion of a moving object.

Quantum theory is a relatively new branch of science, dating back to the 18th century.

But it has become increasingly relevant in the modern world, where it is used to describe how the universe works and the way that information can be stored in the brain.

It has long been known that the quantum mechanics of a computer is different to the ordinary physics of atoms and molecules.

But this is the first time it has been suggested that a different kind of quantum phenomenon, called superposition, could be involved in the detection of strokes.

The researchers from the Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) and the Australian National University (ANU) said their work showed that, when combined with other techniques, a simple quantum mechanical device can be used to detect changes in the structure of blood vessels.

“It may have a fundamental role to play in preventing stroke in patients suffering from stroke and the prevention of sudden cardiac death,” QIT Professor David Lynam said.

“If the heart has a different structure to the rest of the body, for example in the middle of the artery, it would be able be manipulated by the machine to detect it and stop it from doing that.”

This could potentially save a lot of life.

“The researchers say the heart would need to be made of materials that were very light and that the device would need be able of detecting changes in temperature and pressure to control it.”

The heart valve is a small device that is made up of three small pieces of plastic and an electrode and a valve,” QT’s Professor Lynam explained.”

We have a number of techniques that are able to do this and some of those techniques could be used for a new device.

“The device could be implanted in patients’ hearts and monitored, but they would need the patient to be conscious of their condition and take medication to control the device.

The research was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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