How to change your default weapon from the default weapon set

IGN: How to switch from default weapon setup to something else?

article IGN1: How do you get around the “weapon swap” issue?

article 1.1: What weapon sets are there?

[The following weapons are listed with their respective weapon sets in the article] [These are the weapon sets you will need to craft the set that is required to craft this set.

For a full list of weapon sets and how to craft them, please see the wiki article for the weapon set.]

[NOTE: Weapons and armor are considered different sets of items, so only the specific sets listed below are available to purchase.

The item sets that are listed below will be available for purchase once a weapon is crafted.]

1.0: How many weapons are there and how many armor pieces are there in the set?

[There are four weapon sets: The standard set, the regular set, one of each set of armor, and one of the five weapon types (weapons, armor, shields, etc.)]

[NOTE 1: Armor pieces are considered separate items, and they can be used as items, too.]

1,000: How does the set stack?

[Each weapon set is a collection of weapon types.

There are four sets of weapon components, and you can use any one of those weapon components in the crafted set] [Each set of weapon pieces has its own set of unique stats, as detailed below] 1.01: What can you do with the weapon and armor pieces?

[Weapon pieces can be worn as a piece of armor or weapons, but the armor piece is not considered armor pieces] 1,021: What armor pieces can you use?

[Armor pieces are armor pieces that are attached to the arm and are not considered pieces of armor] 1: Can you get a weapon with a weapon set?

If not, what can I do with it?

[Yes, weapons can be crafted into weapons.

You can buy the set at the forge to craft a weapon, but this requires that you craft a unique set of weapons that you must obtain from an NPC in the world] 1-1: Can I get armor pieces from a weapon?

[This is the only way to get armor that can be wielded with a sword.

You cannot craft a set of swords to wear, so the only armor pieces you can craft are armors, which can be bought at the craft station, but you cannot craft armor pieces of this type.

The armor pieces available to craft weapons, armor pieces, and shields are not available to crafting armor pieces.]

1-2: What is the set of items required to make this set?

A weapon is required for this set of pieces.

A regular set of armors is required.

A shield is required.]

1: What equipment is required in order to craft an armor piece?

Armor pieces cannot be crafted without weapons.

Shield pieces cannot craft without weapons.]

1a: What weapons are required to create an armor set?

1b: How can I get more armor pieces for an armor item?

Armor sets can be sold to NPC vendors for money.

You will need at least 1,024,000 coins to craft armor items.

Armor pieces that you buy from a vendor will not be usable until you craft the armor set that you purchased them from.

The amount of armor that you can create for a set is limited, and it cannot be increased by more armor than you can wear.

You may purchase armor pieces by gathering them and exchanging them with a vendor for a small amount of coins, which will be deducted from the armor value.

Armor crafted by a player can only be equipped on that player’s account, not in their inventory.

1b.1 : What are the armor pieces used to craft these armor pieces and how do I get them?

You will have to craft each of the armor sets that you wish to craft.

You must first craft a crafted set of the desired type of armor.

You then can obtain the armor and equip it.

You do not need to equip an item that is the same type as the armor that is being crafted.

When crafting armor, you can only equip one item of the same material and level as the item that you would like to craft with.

You are only allowed to craft one armor set per account.

1a.1 – 1.3: How long does it take to craft two armor pieces (weapons and armor) and how much will it cost?

You can craft an item once per day, but it will be counted towards the armor bonus that you receive when crafting the item.

For example, if you have crafted two pieces of the basic armor set (weapons) and two pieces that cost 250,000, you will receive a 200,000 bonus for each armor piece that you have craft.

1.4: How much will a set cost?

1.5: How will I know when I have the required number of armor pieces to craft my desired armor set for a specific character?

If the armor is already

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