How to remove the annoying and unnecessary COOL AIR mechanical keyboard from your computer

The Cool Air mechanical keyboard is an incredibly well-made mechanical keyboard that is surprisingly durable, and the only mechanical keyboard on the market that is built with a solid aluminum chassis.

But what happens when you try to remove it from your machine?

If you have any serious issues with COOL Air mechanical keyboards, you are in luck: there are several simple ways you can remove them without damaging your computer.

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The Cool 2 is the only one that has been released to date that does not have a switch, so it has been one of the most popular mechanical keyboards on the internet.

There are a number of options for how you can take it apart.

The easiest way is to unscrew the keyboard and remove the two screws that hold it together.

The Cool 2 comes with two screws, one for each side of the keyboard.

Screws on the Cool 2 are not easy to remove.

You need to unscrotch the two screw and remove them from the backside of the Cool, otherwise you will break it.

When you unscrew one of these screws, you will see two tabs, one with a black screwdriver and the other with a screwdriver.

The black screw driver is to hold the screws in place, while the screwdriver is to remove them.

Pull the screw out from the Cool.

If all of that doesn’t help, then you can get to the bottom of the mechanical keyboard.

There is a spring loaded mechanism that is used to pull out the screws, so if you are able to pull the screws out easily, you should be able to unscrope them without hurting yourself. 

If you are looking to remove a mechanical keyboard and are not sure how to, we’ve got you covered.

We have a guide on how to unscrangle a mechanical key.

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