The Pentagon’s new ‘Projection Defense Mechanism’ will target ‘sophisticated’ military systems

DARPA announced plans to build a “Projection Defence Mechanism” (PDM) that will “aim to enhance the effectiveness of military systems by increasing the perceived threat posed by them.”

In a new press release announcing the project, DARPA explained that the PDM “will enhance the ability of the military to detect, locate, and respond to threats against their systems, and will help reduce the risk of collateral damage.”

According to the DARPA press release, the PDMs “will help improve situational awareness of enemy capabilities, including the detection, targeting, identification, and identification of threats by their sensors and other information systems.”

DARPA’s “Projected Threat Sensors” PDM will “use a laser to detect and target an enemy’s sensors and the threat environment, and detect and track its location with an infrared laser, as well as its current and potential targets.”

The PDM would “enable the military, with minimal cost, to develop, test, and deploy systems that can detect and destroy high-value and complex threats such as sophisticated electronic systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and weapons systems.”

“The PDM can be deployed to support missions such as protecting critical infrastructure and delivering a precision strike capability, or supporting mission planning, logistics, and control,” DARPA stated.

“It is anticipated that the program will be completed in fiscal year 2021.”

DARP noted that the proposed PDM is “designed to provide a high level of capability and survivability against the threat of attack, and to allow the military the flexibility to deploy, test and deploy the capabilities in real-time for mission assurance, or to perform a variety of missions simultaneously.”

The Pentagon added that “the PDM provides significant benefits to the U.S. military in a variety to a variety for multiple tactical and operational requirements.”

In addition to increasing the military’s “threat perception,” the Pentagon’s “projected threat sensors” PDMs are expected to be “particularly useful for detecting, targeting and tracking targets and other threats.”

DARPs PDM proposal is “based on the existing DOD [Defense Department] and DOD-wide Tactical Systems Demonstration Project (TSDP), which was launched in the summer of 2017 to demonstrate the capabilities of the new, advanced sensor systems to support operations against complex adversaries,” according to DARPA.

The TSDDP was a DARPA program that evaluated the use of advanced electronic systems to detect threats and to provide mission assurance to commanders and pilots, with an emphasis on “signature sensing and threat detection.”

DARPS proposed the PDMS in addition to the TSDdp, which “used a number of sensor and communications technologies and techniques, including advanced radar, lasers, microwave sensors, and the new phased-array sensor suite.”

The TSPD was the first of several PDM projects to be announced during President Donald Trump’s administration.

As Breitbart News reported in June 2017, DARP announced that it had submitted a “request for proposals” (RFP) to build and test a PDM for the Department of Defense, including “Projectile Detection Sensor (PDS) and Signal and Signal Link (S&L) Sensors.”

The RFP was “for a PDMS designed to provide high level capabilities against enemy threats, including sensor, electronic, and weapon systems.”

The PDS and S&L Sensors were “developed by the U-2 and U-3 spy satellites,” according the press release.

“They can detect both incoming and outgoing electromagnetic signals, and can be used to detect targets and their locations, along with other electronic and communications communications technologies,” the press statement added.

DARPA said the “PDS and the S&l Sensors can also provide sensor, optical, and radar detection capabilities, with the ability to track, track, and destroy threats from above.”

The press release stated that “this is a great opportunity for the U of D to show off our advanced technology and our capability to meet our mission needs.”

The release also said that the Pentagon “is committed to the development and testing of this advanced sensor system.”

“This advanced sensor technology will enhance our ability to defend the U, and ensure our military is ready for future challenges,” the release said.

The announcement was met with skepticism, however, from analysts who questioned whether the PDAs “threat sensors” were “a legitimate capability” or whether they “could be used in ways that make it appear as if our troops are still engaged in combat.”

“While the ‘sensor and communications’ category of sensors may be useful for the ‘smart bomb’ or ‘smart-kill’ [missile] programs, it is hard to see the ‘threat sensors’ category as a real threat to enemy forces,” Michael O’Hanlon, the director of the Center for a New American Security, wrote in an email to Breitbart News.

“This is a highly political decision that will be met with a degree of skepticism

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